Three of a Kind

Kukla is a very shy but beautiful cat, she is 3 years old, very petite and her tortoise-shell patterns are so unique and distinctive — she looks like she’s wearing an argyle sweater, the front of her chest especially, and she has “twinkle toes” where patches of pale yellow/orange and creamy white pop. It has taken 3/4 of her lifetime to teach her to become approachable, while she is still averse to petting, at least she will come near and have eye contact (as shown in the photo). Danika, approximately 4 years old, a mix of torty/tiger, with the yellow diamond on her forehead and Leo, also around 4 years old, the long-haired blondie, have the same type of personalities. They watch, they allow me to come close, but they don’t accept petting. Not just yet, but soon to come I’m sure, as I’ve seen this seemingly fearful-of-touch phenomena before, and in most cases, time, patience and consistency have worked in overcoming this feral reluctance. I just happened to take this photo, and thought it was a lovely one, so here they are in their feline felicity.

Kukla (foreground), Danika (in the middle) and Leo (at the back)

Kukla (foreground), Danika (in the middle) and Leo (at the back)




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